Properties for Sale and Rent in UYO: 39 properties

Letting Properties
UYO:3BEDROOM DET. HOUSE W, ,Description: 3-Bedroom Detached House wi

Asking Rent N2M PA
Letting Properties
UYO:1/3 BDRM FLAT, ,4Nos. 3-Bedroom and 4Nos. 1-Bedroom Flat

Asking Rent N400,000.00/170,000
Uyo:Open Plan Office , ,An Open Plan Office on 4 floors. Interna

Asking Rent N1.7m, 1.5m
UYO:2/1/SELF-CONTAINED AP, Akwa-Ibom,Property is a tastefully finished 20 uni

Asking Rent N400, 000 pa, N300, 000 and N200, 000 pa
Uyo:2 bedroom flat, Akwa-Ibom,6Nos. 2bedroom flats, ample parking spac

Asking Rent N6M pa
AKA ITIAM: 4BRM DETACHED , Akwa-Ibom,An well finished 4-Bedroom detached hous

Asking Rent N2m/pa
Uyo:Hotel/Hospital Comple, Akwa-Ibom,Luxury flat of 16Nos. 2bedroom flats, 6b

Asking Rent N25,000,000 p.a
EKET:14-room detached Hou, Akwa-Ibom,A well finished 14-bedroom detached hous

Asking Rent N6m pa/2 years
UYO:OPEN PLAN OFFICE SPAC, Akwa-Ibom,Office Complex on 4floors, comprises ope

Asking Rent N800,000 per annum
UYO: OFFICE COMPLEX, Akwa-Ibom,A tastefully finished Office complex on

Asking Rent N3,000,000 per floor
EKET:OFFICES/SHOP SPACES, ,Space for offices and shops Located at

Asking Rent From N1,700,000 Million per annum
UYO:3BEDROOM DET.BUNGALOW, Akwa-Ibom,3-Bedroom Detached House, all rooms en-s

Asking Rent N1m pa
Uyo:OPEN PLAN OFFICE SPAC, ,Office complex having an open hall with

Asking Rent N500,000.00
UYO:4 BEDROOM DETACHED HO, Akwa-Ibom,Description: 4-Bedroom Detached House F

Asking Rent N1.5m pa
UYO: 1/2BEDROOM FLATS AT , Akwa-Ibom,A well built and finished blocks of 2/3

Asking Rent N250,000/350, 000 pa
UYO:OPEN PLAN OFFICE, Akwa-Ibom,Office Complex on 4floors, comprises ope

Asking Rent N6,000,000 per annum
UYO:3BEDROOM DET.HOUSE, Akwa-Ibom,3-Bedroom detached house with 2-rooms bo

Asking Rent N1,500,000.00
UYO: 1/3BEDROOM FLAT ALL , ,A tastefully finished 3Nos. 2-Bedroom fl

Asking Rent N350,000 for 2bedroom and 250,000 for 1-bedroom
Ewet,Uyo:4BEDROOM DUPLEX, Akwa-Ibom,Description: 4-Bedroom Detached House, 2

Asking Rent N4M PA
Uyo:3Bedroom Det.House, ,3-Bedroom Detached House

Asking Rent N600,000
EKET:14BDRM DET.HOUSE, ,A tastefully finished 14-bedroom detache

Asking Rent N6,000,000 per annum x2years
Uyo:Open Plan Hall with v, ,An Open Plan Hall with vacant offices o

Asking Rent N1.3m and 1.5m
UYO:4BEDROOM DET. HOUSE I, Akwa-Ibom,A well-appointed 4Bedroom detached house

Asking Rent N1.5m pa
UYO:7BDRM DET. HOUSE, Akwa-Ibom,Tastefully finished 7-bedroom detached h

Asking Rent N3M PA
Uyo:Open Plan Office, Akwa-Ibom,Office complex having an Open Plan Ha

Asking Rent N800,000 per floor, 1,000,000 for ground floor
Ikot Ekpene: OFFICES/SHOP, Akwa-Ibom,An Open Plan hall, Offices and Shops Lo

Asking Rent From N1,700,000 per annum
UYO:4BDRM DET. HOUSE, ,A tastefully finished 2Nos. 4Bedroom sem

Asking Rent N3,000,000.00 PA
UYO:3BEDROOM DUPLEX, Akwa-Ibom,A tastefully finished three bedroom dupl

Asking Rent N1,500,000 per annum X 2years
UYO:4BEDROOM DETACHED HOU, Akwa-Ibom,Description: 4-Bedroom Detached House.

Asking Rent N600,000.00 PA
Sales Properties
UYO:4Bedroom Det.House , ,A tastefully finished 4bedroom detached

Asking Price N70,000,000.00
UYO:6BDRM DET.HOUSE, ,6bedroom detached house All the rooms ar

Asking Price N120,000,000.00
Along Ikot Abasi Lane, Uy, Akwa-Ibom,5Bedroom Detached House

Asking Price N70,000,000
Uyo:DUPLEX, ,Duplex/BQ and a Gate House

Asking Price N200,000,000
Jubilee School Road, Akwa-Ibom,4 Nos. 2 Bedroom Flat

Asking Price N40,000,000
UYO:BLOCK OF 4NOS 3BEDROO, Akwa-Ibom,4Nos. 3-Bedroom flat on 2-floors with 5r

Asking Price N70m Asking
4 Bedroom Bungalow at Sh, --Select One--,Well-appointed 2 Nos. 4 bedroom detached

Asking Price N35million Each
Uyo:6BEDROOM DET.HOUSE, Akwa-Ibom,A tastefully finished 6bedroom detached

Asking Price N120,000,000.00
UYO:6BDRM DET.HOUSE, ,6 bedroom detached house with C of all

Asking Price N120m
Uyo: Block of 4 flats, Akwa-Ibom,2Nos. Storey Building (at the front and

Asking Price N50,000,000
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