Properties for Sale and Rent in OTA: 73 properties

Letting Properties
Itele, Ota: 2/3 Bedroom f, Ogun,A well finished 2/3 Bedroom flat with al

Asking Rent N150, 000 AND ABOVE
Igbala,Ota:3Bdrm Flat, ,A well finished one-storey 4 No 3-Bedroo

Asking Rent N500,000 p.a per flat
Garieal Adeyoola Close, O, Lagos,3Bedroom Duplex

Asking Rent N6Million
IJOKO RD:3BDRM FLAT-4 Nos, ,A tastefully finished 4 No 3-Bedroom fla

Asking Rent N250, 000 pa
Olaniyi Street Abule-Egba, Ogun,4-Bedroom duplex with a gate house and g

Asking Rent N700,000
Ijaiye:3Bedroom Flats, Lagos,Tastefully finished 9No 3-Bedroom flats.

Asking Rent N400,000/450,000 pa
Igbala,Ota:2/3 Bdrm flat , ,A well finished 6No. 2Bedroom and 2No. 3

Asking Rent N200, 000 and 250, 000 pa
IYANA IYESI, OTA: 3-BDRM, Ogun,A well finished 3-Bedroom flatin a block

Asking Rent N250, 000 pa
ABULE-EGBA, LAGOS:3-BEDRO, Lagos,A tastefully finished 6 No 3-Bedroom fla

Asking Rent N1m pa
Sango Ota, Ogun State , Ogun,The property is tastefully finished 60-r

Asking Rent N
Inside labak EState, Abul, Lagos,A suitable 3bedroom flat all room ensuit

Asking Rent N800k
No. 4 Kole Awani Street, , Lagos,2No. 2Bedroom Flat and 3No. 3bedroom fla

Asking Rent N500,000 & 800,000
Arepo:4 Bedroom Duplex, Ondo,A tastefully finished 4 Bedroom Duplex (

Asking Rent N1.8m and 2m pa
Alagbado, Lagos State, Lagos,The property is tastefully finished 21 r

Asking Rent N100,000,000.00
Kola, Alagbado,, Ogun,A tastefully 2No. 3Bedroom flat (All roo

Asking Rent N250,000.00
Ifo in between Lafage Est, Ogun,4 No 3-Bedroom flat with servant quarter

Asking Rent N800,000.00
Rusewe Estate is a privat, Ogun,A 6No 3-Bedroom flat on 3-Floor all room

Asking Rent N600,000.00
IKEJA GRA:3/5Bedroom Flat, ,Well apointed in a conducive Ikeja GRA e

Asking Rent N2m/3m pa
Ota Ogun State, Ogun,Fenced and gated 6-Bedroom Bungalow on 7

Asking Rent N12million
Akeja, Ogun State, Ogun,A tastefully finished 6 Bedroom duplex e

Asking Rent N40million
Ijoko,Ota: 1/3 Bedroom F, Ogun,A decently finished 5No 3-Bedroom flat a

Asking Rent N200, 000 and 100, 000 Naira pa
Owode-Ijako Bus-stop , Ogun,4-Bedroom bungalow. It consists of Sitti

Asking Rent N350,000.00
Animashaun Estate, along , Ogun,A tastefully finished block of 3bedroom

Asking Rent N1.5M
1, Taiow Aremu Off Olaniy, Lagos,2No. 4Bedroom Twin Duplex

Asking Rent N750,000
Agbado, Lagos State , Lagos,Fenced and gated completed 3&2-Bedroom

Asking Rent N25million
3 Bedroom flats at 278, L, Ogun,the property consists of 5Nos 3Bedroom f

Asking Rent N700,000.00
High Court Ota, Ogun Stat, Ogun,2No. 3Bedroom flat

Asking Rent N200,000
OTA:3Bedroom Flat , ,A tastefully finished 4 No 3 Bedroom fla

Asking Rent N350, 000 per annum
Itele, Ota:3Bedroom Flat, Ogun,Tastefully finished 4No 3-Bedroom flat.

Asking Rent N250, 000 pa
Ahmadiya,Ota: 3Brm Bungal, Ogun,A decently finished 3-Bedroom Bungalow (

Asking Rent N250, 000
Sales Properties
OTA:3-Bedrooms flat , Ogun,Fenced and gated 2 No 3-Bedroom flats (A

Asking Price N15M
Sango Ota, Ogun,Fenced and gated 2-Bedroom built as set

Asking Price N10million
Akeja Road, Ota, Ogun Sta, Ogun,6-Bedroom Duplex with Reading Room, Laun

Asking Price N60Million
Akeja Ota, Ogun State , Ogun,The property is an uncompleted 5-Bedro

Asking Price N25million
Onimalu, Along Ilogbo Roa, Ogun,2Bedroom flat (uncompleted)

Asking Price N7million
Ewupe, Ota, Ogun , Ogun,Fenced and gated 8-Rooms tenement buildi

Asking Price N7,000,000.00
Ijoko Road, Ota, Ondo,A purpose-built L-Shape factory on a lan

Asking Price N350,000,000
Ajegunle Bus-Stop, Toll G, Ogun,1No. Four bedroom duplex apartment and 2

Asking Price N30,000,000
Abule-Ewupe, Ota, Ogun St, Ogun,Fenced and gated 8-Rooms tenement buildi

Asking Price N7million
Silifatu Akinsanya, Ogun,Fenced and gated 2 No 3-Bedroom flat on

Asking Price N25,000,000.00
Lagos Abeokuta Expressway, Lagos,Shopping Cmplex

Asking Price N80,000,000
ijako sona brewery,off la, Ogun,An uncompleted 3-2bedroom bungalow

Asking Price N10M
sango plaza hotel off ijo, ,sango plaza hotel

Asking Price N250M
No. 7 Adeniji Street, Ijo, Ogun,3Bedroom Bungalow

Asking Price N6Million
Ajegunle Bus- Stop, Ilo-A, Ogun,4-Bedroom Duplex with 3-Bedroom flat

Asking Price N30Million
55, Kola Road, Alaso-Agba, Lagos,3 & 2 bedroom Bungalow (complied, 2-be

Asking Price N25Million
Obelawo Close, Ago-Ishaga, Ogun,10 Rooms tenement building

Asking Price N12million
Ota, Ogun State, Ogun,A tastefully finished and furnished 14ro

Asking Price N78million
Ojodu Estate, Lagos State, Lagos,4Bedroom Duplex

Asking Price N80,000,000
Alakuko:4bedrooms bungalo, Lagos,A well finished 4-Bedroom Bungalow, 2-Ro

Asking Price N40m
Ilogbo, Ogun State, Ogun,A tastefully finished 5Bedroom detached

Asking Price N60million
C-Close, United Estate, A, Lagos,3Bedroom Bungalow + 2Bedroom + Mini Flat

Asking Price N35,000,000
left hand flank along Idi, Ogun,Four bedroom duplex apartment on a land

Asking Price N70,000,000
Alagbado, Lagos , Ogun,The property is tastefully finished 21 r

Asking Price N100,000,000.00
Obafemi Awolow Road, Akej, Ogun,5 Bedroom Derached House, A pent House a

Asking Price N25Million
Agbara/Atan:Commercial/In, ,A purpose built commercial/ industrial a

Asking Price N600M
Agbado, Ogun State, Ogun,Tastefully 4 Bedroom Bungalow built at t

Asking Price N15million
Purpose Built Factory, Ogun,A purpose-built factory premises on la

Asking Price N150,000,000.00
Ota, Ogun State, Ogun,Dilapidated 4 No 3-Bedroom flat

Asking Price N70million
Along Agbado-Ijoko Road, , Ogun,Plots of land

Asking Price N3Million
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