Properties for Sale and Rent in OTA: 70 properties

Letting Properties
Kola, Alagbado,, Ogun,A tastefully 2No. 3Bedroom flat (All roo

Asking Rent N250,000.00
Ota Ogun State, Ogun,Fenced and gated 6-Bedroom Bungalow on 7

Asking Rent N12million
No. 4 Kole Awani Street, , Lagos,2No. 2Bedroom Flat and 3No. 3bedroom fla

Asking Rent N500,000 & 800,000
Ijoko,Ota: 1/3 Bedroom F, Ogun,A decently finished 5No 3-Bedroom flat a

Asking Rent N200, 000 and 100, 000 Naira pa
Itele, Ota:3Bedroom Flat, Ogun,Tastefully finished 4No 3-Bedroom flat.

Asking Rent N250, 000 pa
Igbala,Ota:2/3 Bdrm flat , ,A well finished 6No. 2Bedroom and 2No. 3

Asking Rent N200, 000 and 250, 000 pa
Igbala,Ota:3Bdrm Flat, ,A well finished one-storey 4 No 3-Bedroo

Asking Rent N500,000 p.a per flat
Arepo:4 Bedroom Duplex, Ondo,A tastefully finished 4 Bedroom Duplex (

Asking Rent N1.8m and 2m pa
Alagbado, Lagos State, Lagos,The property is tastefully finished 21 r

Asking Rent N100,000,000.00
Owode-Ijako Bus-stop , Ogun,4-Bedroom bungalow. It consists of Sitti

Asking Rent N350,000.00
Rusewe Estate is a privat, Ogun,A 6No 3-Bedroom flat on 3-Floor all room

Asking Rent N600,000.00
Inside labak EState, Abul, Lagos,A suitable 3bedroom flat all room ensuit

Asking Rent N800k
Garieal Adeyoola Close, O, Lagos,3Bedroom Duplex

Asking Rent N6Million
500 SQM WAREHOUSE AT OMOL, Ogun,Description: Fenced and gated warehouse

Asking Rent N3M PA
Olaniyi Street Abule-Egba, Ogun,4-Bedroom duplex with a gate house and g

Asking Rent N700,000
Animashaun Estate, along , Ogun,A tastefully finished block of 3bedroom

Asking Rent N1.5M
Agbado, Lagos State , Lagos,Fenced and gated completed 3&2-Bedroom

Asking Rent N25million
Itele,Ota:3bedroom flat, Ogun,A tastefully finished 4No 3-Bedroom flat

Asking Rent N350, 000 per annum
ABULE-EGBA, LAGOS:3-BEDRO, Lagos,A tastefully finished 6 No 3-Bedroom fla

Asking Rent N1m pa
IJOKO RD:3BDRM FLAT-4 Nos, ,A tastefully finished 4 No 3-Bedroom fla

Asking Rent N250, 000 pa
Sango Ota, Ogun State , Ogun,The property is tastefully finished 60-r

Asking Rent N
IKEJA GRA:3/5Bedroom Flat, ,Well apointed in a conducive Ikeja GRA e

Asking Rent N2m/3m pa
OTA:3Bedroom Flat , ,A tastefully finished 4 No 3 Bedroom fla

Asking Rent N350, 000 per annum
Ifo in between Lafage Est, Ogun,4 No 3-Bedroom flat with servant quarter

Asking Rent N800,000.00
Ijaiye:3Bedroom Flats, Lagos,Tastefully finished 9No 3-Bedroom flats.

Asking Rent N400,000/450,000 pa
IYANA IYESI, OTA: 3-BDRM, Ogun,A well finished 3-Bedroom flatin a block

Asking Rent N250, 000 pa
1, Taiow Aremu Off Olaniy, Lagos,2No. 4Bedroom Twin Duplex

Asking Rent N750,000
3 Bedroom flats at 278, L, Ogun,the property consists of 5Nos 3Bedroom f

Asking Rent N700,000.00
Akeja, Ogun State, Ogun,A tastefully finished 6 Bedroom duplex e

Asking Rent N40million
High Court Ota, Ogun Stat, Ogun,2No. 3Bedroom flat

Asking Rent N200,000
Sales Properties
Ojodu Estate, Lagos State, Lagos,4Bedroom Duplex

Asking Price N80,000,000
ijako sona brewery,off la, Ogun,An uncompleted 3-2bedroom bungalow

Asking Price N10M
Purpose Built Factory, Ogun,A purpose-built factory premises on la

Asking Price N150,000,000.00
Alakuko:4bedrooms bungalo, Lagos,A well finished 4-Bedroom Bungalow, 2-Ro

Asking Price N40m
Ilogbo, Ogun State, Ogun,A tastefully finished 5Bedroom detached

Asking Price N60million
Ijoko Road, Ota, Ondo,A purpose-built L-Shape factory on a lan

Asking Price N350,000,000
Sango Ota, Ogun,Fenced and gated 2-Bedroom built as set

Asking Price N10million
Agbara/Atan:Commercial/In, ,A purpose built commercial/ industrial a

Asking Price N600M
Akeja Road, Ota, Ogun Sta, Ogun,6-Bedroom Duplex with Reading Room, Laun

Asking Price N60Million
Silifatu Akinsanya, Ogun,Fenced and gated 2 No 3-Bedroom flat on

Asking Price N25,000,000.00
sango plaza hotel off ijo, ,sango plaza hotel

Asking Price N250M
Agbado, Ogun State, Ogun,Tastefully 4 Bedroom Bungalow built at t

Asking Price N15million
No. 9, Akanni Adeniji Str, Ogun,4No. 3Bedroom flat

Asking Price N20Million
Iyesi, Ota, Ogun,A tastefully finished and furnished 14ro

Asking Price N78,000,000.00
Lagos Abeokuta Expressway, Lagos,Shopping Cmplex

Asking Price N80,000,000
Ogun State, Ogun,A purpose-built factory premises on la

Asking Price N150million
Ijoko Road, Sango-Ota, Og, Ogun,2 torey Building comprising a ware house

Asking Price N80million
Obafemi Awolow Road, Akej, Ogun,5 Bedroom Derached House, A pent House a

Asking Price N25Million
Ewupe, Ota, Ogun , Ogun,Fenced and gated 8-Rooms tenement buildi

Asking Price N7,000,000.00
55, Kola Road, Alaso-Agba, Lagos,3 & 2 bedroom Bungalow (complied, 2-be

Asking Price N25Million
left hand flank along Idi, Ogun,Four bedroom duplex apartment on a land

Asking Price N70,000,000
Ota, Ogun State, Ogun,Dilapidated 4 No 3-Bedroom flat

Asking Price N70million
OTA, OGUN STATE, Ogun,Fenced and gated uncompleted 3-Bedroom f

Asking Price N7million
No. 7 Adeniji Street, Ijo, Ogun,3Bedroom Bungalow

Asking Price N6Million
Along Agbado-Ijoko Road, , Ogun,Plots of land

Asking Price N3Million
Sango Ota, Ogun State, Ogun,Fenced and completed 10-Rooms tenement b

Asking Price N6million
Obere Town, Idiroko Road,, Ogun,Purpose Built Bonded Terminal (DRY) Port

Asking Price Call
Ajegunle Bus- Stop, Ilo-A, Ogun,4-Bedroom Duplex with 3-Bedroom flat

Asking Price N30Million
Akeja Ota, Ogun State , Ogun,The property is an uncompleted 5-Bedro

Asking Price N25million
OTA:3-Bedrooms flat , Ogun,Fenced and gated 2 No 3-Bedroom flats (A

Asking Price N15M
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