Properties for Sale and Rent in Ilorin: 52 properties

Letting Properties

Asking Rent N2,000,000 p.a (5 Years minimum)
Sales Properties
ILORIN:2BDRM BUNGALOW, ,A Semi-Detached 2 bedroom Bungalow at Ta

Asking Rent N7,000,000.00
Letting Properties
64, TAIWO ISALE ROAD, IL, Kwara,The property is a purposely built showro

Asking Rent N3,000,000/ annum
BESIDE FEKAJOP PETROLEUM,, ,A multipurpose building on 2 floors. It

Asking Rent N1,000,000/annum
Off Asa-dam Road,Ilorin, Kwara,4 bedroom semi-detached bungalow

Asking Rent N250,000.00 Per Annum

Asking Rent N250,000 p.a
OGBOMOSO: 3FLOOR MIXED-US, ,A building on 3 floors with 32 Nos Rooms

Asking Rent N40m Asking
Sales Properties
ILORIN:3FLOOR BLOCK OF 3B, Kwara,The property is on 3 floors with 3 units

Asking Rent N20,000,000.00
Biada, Ilorin: 4 Bedroom , ,A 4 bedroom bungalow in a well-defined a

Asking Rent N8M
Ilorin: 16 Room Hostel , Kwara,The property is a hostel building of 16

Asking Rent N20,000,000.00
Ilorin:Office Space with , Kwara,The property is a 2 floor building facin

Asking Rent N25,000,000.00
Letting Properties
ILORIN:3 BEDROOM FLAT, Kwara,The property is a newly completed block

Asking Rent N250, 000 pa
KAJEYALE STREET, OFF CUST, Kwara,The newly completed property comprises o

Asking Rent N300,000 / 200,000 Respectively

Asking Rent N300,000
Gari-Alimi, Ilorin, Kwara,An Open Plan Office

Asking Rent N4,000.00 per square metres

Asking Rent N300,000
off Asa-dam Road,Ilorin, Kwara,The property is a newly built block of 6

Asking Rent N250,000
Orisunbare, Phase II, Asa, Kwara,The property is 2 blocks of semi-detache

Asking Rent N200,000
Ilorin:4Bedroom Bungalow, Kwara,The property is a 4 bedroom semi-detache

Asking Rent N250, 000 pa
OPPOSITE EVERGREEN ESTATE, Kwara, The property is a newly completed

Asking Rent N370,000
Behind deputy Governorâ, Kwara,The property comprises of 2 blocks of 4

Asking Rent N600,000/500,000
Sales Properties
No. 5, Oyun Road, Opposit, Kwara,The subject property is a rectangle shap

Asking Price N15,000,000.00
Ilorin:WAREHOUSE/OFFICE S, Kwara,A warehouse and office area with gate ho

Asking Price N35M
Opo-Malu Road, Ilorin , Kwara,A Storey building of 10 Nos Lock-up Shop

Asking Price N10,000,000.00
Along Umaru Audi Road , Kwara,A block of 6 No 3 bedroom flat. Area:

Asking Price N60,000,000.00
Ilorin, Kwara, --Select One--, A Storey Structure of Tenement Rooms.

Asking Price N10,000,000.00
Ilorin:4bedroom bungalow, Kwara,The property is 4 bedroom bungalow with

Asking Price N35M asking
Ilorin:4Bedroom Bungalow, Kwara,The subject property is a 4 Bedroom bung

Asking Price N20M
Ilorin:4 BEDROOM BUNGALOW, Kwara,A 4 bedroom bungalow affording all room

Asking Price N12M
Alalubosa GRA, Ilorin, Kwara,A Modern 4 bedroom duplex

Asking Price N50,000,000.00
ILORIN:BLK OF 6Nos 3BDRM , Kwara,6 No, 3 bedroom block of flat on 2 store

Asking Price N10m
ILORIN:BLOCK OF 4NOS 3BDR, Kwara,A block of 4 No, 3 bedroom flat, fence r

Asking Price N15M
ILORIN:Block of 10nos Sel, Kwara,Uncompleted 10 No Room self-contain apar

Asking Price N7.5M
Kwara State University, M, Kwara,A Block of 5 No Uncompleted Studio Mini-

Asking Price N3,000,000.00
Agric Estate, Ilorin , Kwara,An uncompleted 5 bedroom detached buildi

Asking Price N22,000,000.00
ILORIN GRA11:1PLOT OF LAN, Kwara,A parcel of land fence round with gate.

Asking Price N12m Asking
Balogun Jalala Area, Oke-, Kwara,The subject property is a 4 Bedroom bung

Asking Price N20,000,000.00
Agric GRA, old Jebba Road, Kwara,A standard 4 bedroom detached house with

Asking Price N20,000,000.00
Tanke, Ilorin, Kwara,An Uncompleted 4 Bedroom Detached House

Asking Price N15,000,000.00
Ilorin:2Mini Studio on a , Kwara,2 No Studio Mini-apartment, fence round

Asking Price N6m
ILORIN:4BDRM DET HOUSE, Kwara,The subject property is 4 bedroom modern

Asking Price N12m Asking
ILORIN:2 FLOOR APARTMENT , Kwara,A building on 2 floor of 2 bedroom flat,

Asking Price N20M
Hajji Camp Road,Ilorin, Kwara,The property is a newly developed units

Asking Price N25,000,000
Onikanga Road, GRA, Kwara,3 Bedroom Bungalow, each room ensuite

Asking Price N25,000,000.00
Oniyangi Street, Alalubos, Kwara,An Uncompleted 2 Bedroom Bungalow

Asking Price N10,000,000.00
ILORIN:5BEDROOM HOUSE ON , Kwara,The subject property is comprise of

Asking Price N30M ASKING
Ilorin: An Event Hall, Kwara,A purpose built event Hall with ample pa

Asking Price N35M
Lobalade Avenue, Tanke, I, Kwara,5 Bedroom Bungalow with 2 sitting Room a

Asking Price N25,000,000.00
Ilorin: Cold ROOM, Kwara,A Standard Cold Room

Asking Price N12,000,000.00
Ita-Elepa, Ilorin, Kwara,2 No, 2 Bedroom Semi-Detached Bungalow w

Asking Price N18,500,000.00
ILORIN:6BEDROOM BUNGALOW, Kwara,A standard 6 bedroom bungalow with 2 No

Asking Price N55m Asking
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