Properties for Sale and Rent in Alagbole: 67 properties

Letting Properties
Akute, Ogun State, Ogun,Block of Flat at Folarin Street, Moricas

Asking Rent N250,000.00
Ajao, Isolo, Lagos, Ogun,A 6Nos.3-Bedroom Flat for corporate tena

Asking Rent N1,200,000.00 per annum
GBADAMOSI, Ojodu, Ogun,A 6Nos.3-Bedroom Flat Located at Gbadamo

Asking Rent N800,000.00
Asese, Ibafo, Ogun,2Nos. 2Bedroom Flat

Asking Rent N300,000.00
ALAPARA JUNCTION, AKUTE:4, Lagos,This is a well-positioned property at a

Asking Rent N80M
Okoh Street, Ogun, Ogun,2-Nos 3-Bedroom apartment Located at O

Asking Rent N200,000.00
MUSHIN: 4 NOS 2/3 BEDROOM, Lagos,Block of 4Units of 3-Bedroom and 1 No. 2

Asking Rent N900, 000
MAGODO1:5BDRM DUPLEX WITH, ,This is a well laid out and tastefully f

Asking Rent N3M PA
AKUTE:33 LOCK UP SHOPS /O, Lagos,This is a well layout plaza with ample p

Asking Rent N350,000/400,000 respectively
OJODU:3-BEDROOM FLAT WITH, Lagos,A well laid out residential apartment

Asking Rent N800,000/1yr or N700,000/2yrs
Lambe, Ogun State, Ogun,4Nos Bedroom Flat at Oluwole Street, Lam

Asking Rent N200,000.00 per annum
Alagbole, Ogun, Ogun,2Nos 3-Bedroom Flat Located at Baba Dada

Asking Rent N400,000.00 per annum
CITIVIEW, WAWA, OGUN STAT, Lagos,This is a tastefully finished and well l

Asking Rent N3M
OSBORNE OFFSHORE ESTATE, , Lagos,8 units of 3-Bedroom Flats and 2 units o

Asking Rent N6m
OSAPA LONDON:4BDRM DUPLEX, Lagos,A laid out residential apartment with am

Asking Rent N3.5 million
IBAFO:2BEDROOM FLAT, Ogun,Tastefully finished 2Nos 2-bedroom flat

Asking Rent N400, 000 pa
LAMBE,AKUTE:4 BDRM BUNGAL, Ogun,This is a well laid out and firm apartme

Asking Rent N400, 000
MOWE:3BEDROOM FLAT, Ogun,This is a well laid out apartment, it ha

Asking Rent N200, 000 pa
AJAO ESTATE, LAGOS, Ogun,A 6Nos.3-Bedroom Flat for corporate tena

Asking Rent N1,200,000.00 per annum/per flat
Adams Street, Lambe, Ogun,4-Bedroom Bungalow at Lambe Street, Lamb

Asking Rent N300,000.00 per annum
Aseese, Ogun State, Ogun,A tastefully finished 2Nos 2-bedroom fla

Asking Rent N300,000.00 per annum
OPIC ESTATE, Ogun,4Nos 3-Bedroom Flat Located at Isheri No

Asking Rent N800,000.00
Ademola Street, Ogun,A Bedroom Flat at Ademola Abimboye Stree

Asking Rent N150,000.00 per annum
OFADA ROAD, MOWE: 4NOS 3 , Ogun,Block of 4Units 3-Bedroom Flat with 2-Be

Asking Rent N150, 000 AND ABOVE
Mowe, Ogun State, Ogun,2Nos. 2-Bedroom-Room Flat Located Abiodu

Asking Rent N200,000.00 per annum
2-BAY WAREHOUSE AT SANTO, Lagos,This is a purpose built 2 bay warehouses

Asking Rent N3M
Sales Properties
Moricass Estate, Ogun, Ogun,2Nos 3-Bedroom Flat –and 2-Bedroom Fla

Asking Price N250,000.00
Oladejo Estate, Ogun,5-Bedroom Detached House with ensuite ga

Asking Price N28,000,000.00
Egbeda:6Bedroom Detached , Lagos,A decent 6-Bedrooms house with a pent fl

Asking Price N40m Asking
OKUNOLA, EGBEDA, Ogun,A 6-Bedroon Detached House with a pent H

Asking Price N40,000,000.00
AGBADO,OGUN , Ogun,4-Bedroom Detached House with 3-Rooms Bo

Asking Price N25,000,000.00
4-BD DUPLEX AT OREMEJI ES, Ogun,A tastefully finished house affording st

Asking Price N35M
PLOT OF LAND: APAPA, Lagos,Plot of Land Located at Point Road, Apap

Asking Price N100M
OSBORNE OFFSHORE , Ogun,8units of 3-Bedroom Flats and 2 units of

Asking Price N6,000,000.00
Isheri, Ogun, Ogun,2Wings of 3-Bedroom Duplex Located at Pa

Asking Price N50,000,000.00
Oke Aro, Ogun,A 3-Bedroon Bungalow Located at Matogun,

Asking Price N8,500,000.00
Shalom Street, Akute, Ogun,4Bedroom Bungalow all room ensuite on 68

Asking Price N17,000,000
MAGBORO:5 Bedroom Detache, Ogun,5-Bedroom Detached House with all room e

Asking Price N20m
Journalist Est., Arepo, Ogun,A Land for sale. It is predominantly res

Asking Price N8,000,000.00
OMOLE ESTATE, Ogun,A 5-Bedroom Detached House Located at Om

Asking Price N80,000,000.00
OLOWORA, ISHERI, Ogun,An existing paint factory on approximate

Asking Price N350,000,000.00
Command Road, Ogun, 3&4-Bedroom Bungalow with a premises m

Asking Price N22,000,000.00
ABESAN ESTATE: 6 BEDROOM , ,A 6-Bedroon Detached House with a pent H

Asking Price N35M
Magoro, Ikeja, Lagos,4No. 3Bedroom Flat, 2No. 2Bedroom Flat a

Asking Price N50,000,000
Opic Estate, Ogun, Land for Sale along Channel TV Road, O

Asking Price N50,000,000.00
DALEMO, SANGO , Ogun,An existing Factory on approximately 2.

Asking Price $4,000,000.00
Akute, Ogun,5 bedroom tastefully finished detached h

Asking Price N27,000,000
ABESAN ESTATE, IPAJA, Ogun,A 6-Bedroon Detached House with a pent H

Asking Price N
DALEMO, OTA: FACTORY/WARE, Ogun,A factory on approximately site of 2.29

Asking Price $4M
Akute, Ogun,4No. 3Bedroom Flat, 5No. 2Bedroom Flat,

Asking Price N75,000,000
JOURNALIST ESTATE, PH1, A, --Select One--,A tastefully finished 3-bedroom Bungalow

Asking Price N32m
Ijoko Road, Ogun,A block of 4Nos 3-Bedroom Flat, Bungalow

Asking Price N90,000,000.00
Ijoko Road, Ogun,3-Bedroom Flat at Ijoko Road, Akute, Ogu

Asking Price N250,000.00 per annum
AREPO: 6BDRM FULLY DETACH, Ogun,Arepo: Property is a well presented 6 Be

Asking Price N85M
OJODU, LAGOS:8-BEDROOM DE, --Select One--,8-Bedroom Detached House on 3 Floors Wit

Asking Price N60m
AREA ONE ESTATE, AGBADO: , Lagos,It is well laid out privately built resi

Asking Price N30Million
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