Properties for Sale and Rent in Akure: 44 properties

Sales Properties
Ilara-Mokin:A Factory, Ondo,A purpose built factory with structures

Asking Rent N120M
Sales Properties
Ijapo,Akure:4BEDROOM DET., Ondo,A well finished 4Nos Bedroom Detached Ho

Asking Rent N45M
Letting Properties
Akure:3Bedroom Flat, ,Tastefully finished semi-detached 4No. 3

Asking Rent N300,000 per annum
Sales Properties
Kajola,4 Bedroom Bungalow, Ondo,A 4-Bedroom Bungalow with an ample space

Asking Rent N7M
Akure: A 5-Bedroom Detach, Ondo,A tastefully finished 5-Bedroom detached

Asking Rent N85 Million
Letting Properties
ADO-EKITI: SHOPS/OFFICE S, ,A well finished shopping complex christe

Asking Rent N120,000, 84,000, 72,000, 60,000
AKURE:3-BEDROOM FLAT IN A, Ondo,Location Oba-Ile Housing Estate Extensio

Asking Rent N200, 000 pa
AKURE:3 BEDROOM FLAT, Ondo,A tastefully finished semi-detached 4No.

Asking Rent N300, 000 pa
AKURE:5NOS SELF CONTAIN, Ondo,A tastefully finished 5Nos. 1-Bedroom fl

Asking Rent N80. 000 PA
AKURE:SHOPPING COMPLEX, ,The GPM Plaza is a well finished shoppin

Asking Rent N160,000.00
AKURE:8/2 &2/3-BDRM FLATS, ,Tastefully finished 8Nos 2-Bedroom flats

Asking Rent N150,000.00 UPWARDS
AKURE: 14NOS SHOP IN A SH, ,A well finished shopping complex on two

Asking Rent N60,000.00 p.a
AKURE: OFFICE COMPLEX , Ondo,A newly and purposed built office compl

Asking Rent N1,500,000.00 per floor
ONDO TOWN:7BDRM DUPLEX, Ondo,A tastefully finished 6-Bedroom Detached

Asking Rent N500, 000 pa
Sales Properties
Akure-Owo Expressway, Ondo,2 Nos Block of 4 Flat with a basement

Asking Price N30Million
Akure:4Bedrm Bungalow , Ondo,Oba-Ile Housing Estate, Akure: 4-Bedroom

Asking Price N15M
AKURE:5 BAY WAREHOUSE, Ondo,A 5-Bay Warehouse with an ample space, S

Asking Price N150m Asking
Akure:3Bdrm with 2Bedroom, Ondo,A well maintained detached house of 3-Be

Asking Price N25M
Akure:5 Bedroom Fully Det, ,Located Oda Road, Akure, the property i

Asking Price N70 Million
ZION,Akure:6BDRM DET HOUS, FCT,A tastefully finished 6-Bedroom detached

Asking Price N25M
Akure: 3 Bedroom Bungalow, ,Uncompleted Semidetached Bungalow of 3-B

Asking Price N11Million ONO
Alagbaka G.R.A, Ondo,4-Bedroom Detached Bungalow all en-suite

Asking Price N85Million
Akure:5BEDROOM DETACHED H, Ondo,A residential property comprises 5-Bedro

Asking Price N70Million
Ijebu-Jesa/Ilesa Road, Ij, Osun,2No 3 Bedroom Semi-detached Bungalow wit

Asking Price N50Million
Akure:4Bdrm Duplex with 1, ,A well finished duplex of 4Bedroom with

Asking Price N45 Million
Akure:BLK OF 4/3 BRM FLAT, ,A Block of 4Nos 3-Bedroom Flat with othe

Asking Price N18Million
Akure: 6/3-Bedroom & 4/2-, Ondo,A well finished residential property com

Asking Price N85 Million
Judges Quarters, Alagbaka, Ondo,4 Bedroom Detached Bungalow

Asking Price N25Milion
Akure: 2/3Bdrm Det. Bunga, ,A well finished semi-detached 3-bedroom

Asking Price N15m
ADO-EKITI:SEMI DET.BUNGAL, Ekiti,A Semi-Detached Bungalow with ample spac

Asking Price N18m Asking
Igoba,Akure:6Bedroom Det., Ondo,A well finished 6-bedroom detached house

Asking Price N30m
Akure:7-Bedroom Detached , Ondo,A tastefully finished 5-Bedroom detached

Asking Price N80Million
Akure:6Bdrm Det. House. , Ondo,A well maintained 6-Bedroom detached hou

Asking Price N25 Million
AKURE:6BDRM BUNGALOW , ,A 6-Bedroom Bungalow with a pent house c

Asking Price N20,000,000.00
Alagbaka Face 2, Akure., Ondo,Uncompleted 5 Bedroom Detached House on

Asking Price N25Milion
AKURE:Blk of 4Nos 3-BDRM , Ondo,A block of 4Nos 3-Bedroom flat on 2 floo

Asking Price N25M
Oba-Ile Akure:6-Bdrm Bung, Ondo,A good architectural designed 6-Bedroom

Asking Price N20M
Ijapo, Akure:4BEDROOM BUN, Ondo,A well finished 4-bedroom bungalow with

Asking Price N30M ASKING
Akure:4Nos 3-Bedroom Flat, Ondo, A well finished Block of 4Nos 3-Bedroom

Asking Price N20 Million
Off Owo/Akoko Road, Owo., Ondo,5 Bedroom Bungalow with 2 Rooms Pent Hou

Asking Price N25Milion
AKURE:4 BEDROOM BUNGALOW, ,TProperty is a well finished 4 Bedroom B

Asking Price N15,000,000.00
Akure:3Bdrm Semi Det. Bun, ,A well maintained semi-detached Bungalow

Asking Price N10 Million
AKURE:6-Bedroom Detached , Ondo,Property affords a good architectural ma

Asking Price N30M ASKING
Akure:2Bdrm Bungalow, Ondo,An ongoing semi-detached bungalow on app

Asking Price N18M
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