Properties for Sale and Rent in Abeokuta: 37 properties

Letting Properties
Totoro,ABK: OPEN PLAN OFF, ,It is an open floor with standby generat

Asking Rent N1.5M P/A
Sales Properties
Abeokuta:4Bedroom bungalo, Ogun,A well finished 4 Bedroom detached bung

Asking Rent N50, 000, 000.00
Letting Properties
ABEOKUTA:3Bedroom Flat, ,Two well finished 3 bedroom apartments i

Asking Rent N300,000 PA
Abeokuta:2/3 Bedroom Flat, Ogun,1No. 3 Bedroom Flat and 1No. 2 Bedroom F

Asking Rent N350, 00, N450, 000
Ibara,ABK:5 Bedroom Duple, Ogun,A well finished 5 bedroom duplex in an u

Asking Rent N1, 500,000.00
ABEOKUTA:12BDRM Bungalow, Ogun,The Bungalow features all en-suite 12No

Asking Rent N2, 500, 000.00 PA
Sales Properties
ABEOKUTA:BLK OF 6 FLATS, ,A block of four flats of 2 nos 2 bedrrom

Asking Rent N15, 000,000.00
Abeokuta: 4 Bedroom Bunga, Ogun,A well appointed 4 Bedroom bungalow, all

Asking Rent N22, 000, 000.00
Letting Properties
Olusegun Obasanjo Hilltop, Ogun,3 Bedroom Flat

Asking Rent N1.2Million
Ibara, Abeokuta, Ogun,4 Bedroom Duplex all rooms en-suite. Fac

Asking Rent N700,000.00
Obafemi Awolowo Avenue, Ogun,Detached 5 Bedroom Bungalow along Obafem

Asking Rent N1,500,000.00
Abeokuta:3Bedroom Flat, Ogun,Vacant 3 en-suite bedroom bungalow in a

Asking Rent N250, 000 pa
Abeokuta:4Bedroom Duplex , Ogun,4 Bedroom detached house with a mini fla

Asking Rent N700, 000 PA
Isale Igbein, Ogun,An office complex on Four(4) Floors loca

Asking Rent N3,000,000.00/floor
Abeokuta: Mini Flat, Ogun,Property is a well built and finished Mi

Asking Rent N300, 000 pa
Abeokuta:5 Bedroom Duplex, Ogun,Subject is a well finished en-suite 5 be

Asking Rent N600, 000 PA
ABEOKUTA:SPACIOUS OFFICE , Ogun,A modern well finished office space comp

Asking Rent N1.2m pa per floor
Sales Properties
ABEOKUTA:4BEDROOM BUNGALO, Ogun,A tastefully finished 4 Bedroom en-suite

Asking Price N18m Asking
Obasanjo Hilltop, Abk, Ogun,A tastefully finished and furnished deta

Asking Price N25,000,000.00
Olusegun Obasanjo Hilltop, Ogun,Tastefully finished Detached 3 Bedroom

Asking Price N30Million
Abule-Oloni, Abeokuta, Ogun,A block of 4Nos. 3- Bedroom Flat

Asking Price N18Million
Elite, Idi-Aba, Ogun,An uncompleted 5 Bedroom Duplex with 6 c

Asking Price N100,000,000.00
ABEOKUTA:4BEDROOM TWIN DU, Ogun,An Uncompleted Twin Duplex of 4 Bedroom

Asking Price N20m
Olusegun Obasanjo Hilltop, Ogun,2Nos. 3 Bedroom Bungalow with Gate Hous

Asking Price N35Million (Each)
Abeokuta: Block of 4 flat, Ogun,Well finished block of 4Nos. 3 Bedroom F

Asking Price N15M Asking
ABEOKUTA:PLOT OF LAND WIT, Ogun,1No. 2 Bedroom Flat. It has 1 toilet and

Asking Price N5m Asking
Motara Street, Abule-Olon, Ogun,A block of 4Nos. 3- Bedroom Flat

Asking Price N20Million
ABEOKUTA:3BEDROOM BUNGALO, Ogun,Well finished 3 bedroom en-suite bungalo

Asking Price N4M Asking
Obada-Oko, Abeokuta: Unco, --Select One--,Uncompleted 6 Bedroom Bungalow on a land

Asking Price N8, 000, 000.00
Obasanjo Hilltop, Ogun,A tastefully finished 3 Bedroom Detached

Asking Price N30,000,000.00
ABEOKUTA:BUNGALOW OF 2Nos, Ogun,A bungalow made up of two 3 bedroom flat

Asking Price N5, 000, 000.00
ABEOKUTA: PLOT OF LAND FO, Ogun,A decent 3 bedroom bungalow with a Maste

Asking Price N45m Asking
Abeokuta: 4 Bedroom Bunga, Ogun,A well finished 4 bedroom bungalow built

Asking Price N8m
Media Games Village, Borno,A tastefully finished 3 Bedroom Detached

Asking Price N20,000,000.00
Abeokuta:14room apartment, Ogun,A tastefully finished 14 Rooms Self-Cont

Asking Price N18m Asking
ABEOKUTA:BLK OF 4 3BDRM F, Ogun,A tastefully finished block of 4Nos. 3 B

Asking Price N15M Asking
Obasanjo Hiltop Estate, Ogun,A tastefully finished 4 bedroom semi-det

Asking Price N35,000,000.00
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